1965 Valiant V200 Sedan – Francois Jnr



The car is almost completely original save for the following:

  • The original engine has been replaced with a reconditioned Formula S unit from a Valiant Charger. (I still have the original engine, but it needs a complete rebuild.) The standard three speed Torqueflite auto was left as is, but I suspect it needs readjustment to cope with the extra torque, since it slurs a bit too much when going into top under hard acceleration. Subsequent to the engine change my dad also fitted a big bore exhaust system to improve engine breathing.
  • The wheels have been increased from 13 to 14 inch with very high profile tyres at the rear. This lifts the gearing considerably which in turn improves motorway cruising ability and fuel consumption. It also enables the car to handle less precariously and it looks less awkward than on the small rims. The downside is that you cannot use the original full wheel trims unique to the V200 and I have fitted hub caps from a 1962 Valiant.

As can be seen from the rear three quarter view, the car is fitted with 7”x10” speakers. Unfortunately I had to cut wholes in the rear parcel shelf to do this, but given the sound quality, compared to the original single item mounted beneath the dash, I haven’t regretted it yet. It is also equipped with a CD front loader, but this is fixed with brackets to the bottom of the dash without any cutting. I still have the ribbed metal plate that covered the original radio aperture which is now occupied by an old tape deck.