1954 Dodge Royal – John Birkett

I am currently restoring a 1954 Dodge Royal. I am really sorry that you are all in Gauteng. I could really do with some help and support.

I moved the car home two weeks ago after a long time at its original workshop, at the electrician and at the panelshop. She is looking beautiful and it was so exciting to start her up. I had never ever taken her on a run so I decided to try and drive her from Wynberg to Pinelands, but halfway home the engine died. She wasn’t running well at all and I discovered that the wheel bearings had not been tightened after a brake job. I arranged a flatbed and took her home.

I found water in the fuel tank, the reason for the engine dieing. I have subsequently started her, but she does not sound well at all. There is a lot of clattering and whooshing noise, so I need someone to come and listen and tell me what to do.

Anyway the work continues and it was so exciting to get a small parcel from ebay containing the two rear door knobs and two window cranks. I found new door panel clips at Kehls and I’ll need to customize some door rubbers soon. I have succesfully hung the drivers door panel and attached the door handle and window cranks.

The car is missing two very visible parts: the whole vent assembly under the front windscreen is needed, as well as a small end moulding for the front fender.

Any way I have attached some pictures for you to show the club members and perhaps someone can get excited enough to drop by when they are in Cape Town.Oh! She has the original 241ci Hemi V8 engine and the most amazing automatic 2 speed box with no PARK option.


Best Wishes

John Birkett